Erin Feis Stories

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Enjoy Pepsi and SAVE at Erin Feis!

Be on the lookout for specially marked cans of Pepsi throughout Central Illinois. Bring one to Peoria’s Irish Fest and get a discounted entry!

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Vote Erin Feis Peoria’s Best Festival

Our festival is up for a Best of ‪#‎Peoria‬ award. It would mean so much if you all could take the survey and vote for Erin Feis so we can take the crown this year!

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Entertaining bands for Erin Feis

On a quiet spring evening in 1996 Karin Spaulding (Past President of the St. Patrick Society) showed up at John Martin’s house (Chairman of the Erin Feis Committee) with a gallon of “America’s best wine”. John was waiting for her on the patio with a case of beer. For the next four hours they drank, talked, drank, argued, drank, laughed, drank and finally agreed on entertainers for the first Erin Feis at the RiverFront… read more>>


The King of Beers and Erin Feis have a long history

All the old timers are gone so facts are a little foggy.  But past and current leadership of the St. Patrick Society of Peoria and Erin Feis all know that the Jacob family (Brewers Distributing) the local Budweiser distributor has been a major sponsor for a long, long time… read more>>



It’s an Irish Wake.

Think there is nothing exciting that happens at the Cultural Village.  Well, think again. Imagine strolling through the displays and vendors on a hot afternoon at the Erin Feis’ Cultural Village when suddenly the air is filled with the blood curdling sounds of women shrieking, moaning, crying, and keening… read more>>