Bogside Zukes

The Zukes are a lean green power trio from Peoria, IL. They are a rockin’ Celtic pub band that has been together for many years and is sure to put a pep in your step with tunes played on fiddle, mandolin, bass, and guitar.

The Brazen Heads

The Brazen Heads are a raucous, bawdy, fun-loving band that kicks out high energy “Celtic mayhem.” Featuring their own brand of traditional and Celtic rock styled tunes on their albums, Who’s Yer Paddy & Curse of the Hag, they’ve been rockin’ it Irish style to rave reviews. Karen J. Brady of Celtic Music Magazine acclaims “This band is not afraid to take it to the next level. High energy is what they promote and their music will make you want to get out of your seat and join the party!”

Chicago Reel

Chicago Reel brings some of the city’s finest musicians together for a new look at Irish traditional music. Fiddle, flute, banjo, and button accordion combine with piano to showcase a wide repertoire of reels and jigs – old and new – energetic and full of spirit. While paying homage to the great Irish musicians of the past who influenced them most, the band brings a contemporary drive and energy to their music. Dan Neely of the Irish Echo lauded the group’s “smart arranging and nuanced ensemble work” and their “delightful dance band feel that harkens back to Chicago band of an earlier era.”


Daimh (pronounced dive) hails from the West Highlands of Scotland bringing Gaelic tunes with a contemporary sound. With a reputation as giants of the bagpipes and fiddle, the group is a rising titan of the folk band world. “Daimh have carved a reputation from the bedrock of Gaelic culture… authentic Gaelic music with a modern edge and a magnificent range of expression” (Folkworld).

The Drovers

Chicago’s original celtic rock pioneers hit the national stage and changed the face of contemporary Celtic music with their groundbreaking World of Monsters in 1991.

Duffy’s Revenge

Duffy’s Revenge is a fairly new addition to the Celtic music scene in central Illinois, consisting of bagpipes, guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin and percussion. Some members have a background in bagpipe bands, while others in rock and blues. That collaboration has brought an exciting new venture with the music we bring forth, and look forward to sharing our talents at various events and festivals.

The Elders

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, The Elders, bring music rooted in Americana and Celtic folk rock. They have a gift of story telling mixed with elements progressive tunes and tradition. As Celtic Music Magazine puts it, The Elders have “Rocking music, thoughtful stories, and wonderful poetry.” Their contemporary vibes and energy always have the crowd hanging on every note.

Four Leaf Rovers

What was formed in 2010 as an excuse for friends to get together and play Irish Traditional music has now evolved into a solid trio featuring originals, covers, and trad tunes. You can expect to see Chris, Mike, and Scott at every gig, but there will be occasional appearances from founding members and other partners in crime as well. If you love bawdy, rowdy, pub music, you wont leave disappointed.

Keane & Cahill

Jimmy Keane and Dennis Cahill make up the emotive and driving duo whose Irish music has deep roots in the ‘pure drop’ tradition, infused with the raw and gritty urbanized musical vernacular of the Irish and Irish-American experience. Their songs run the gamut from the ancient melodies of Ireland, to songs brought to North America by immigrants, to newly composed songs from here and abroad – all played with a freshness and subtlety of approach that is unique in Irish music today.

The Kells

The Kells play primarily what is called Traditional Irish Music. This is in essence the “soul music” of the Irish race. With a genuine passion and a sincere sense of purpose the Kells pour their hearts into playing lively jigs, spirited reels and haunting airs with songs that reach deep into the moral and emotional part of man’s nature. Instruments such as the Irish uilleann (pronounced “il-yun”) pipes, tin (pronounced “tin”!) whistle and flute provide the brilliant melodies, while the guitar and traditional Irish drum called a bodhran (pronounced “bow-rawn”) provide intricate layering, heart-beat and drive. Together, when played by the Kells, it produces the inspired and mighty sound called “Hardcore Irish Trad.” It is music for all ages – and for the ages.

Roundstone Buskers

Roundstone is a beautiful seaside village in Ireland and a “busker” is a street musician. The name was a culmination of many attempts by band members, fans and others. The group is a trio that loves music and playing together as friends. Their music is both traditional and contemporary – it can be solemn or downright rowdy! They are not another meat and potatoes band.

Ruaile Buaile

Ruaile Buaile are based in Offaly in the heart of Ireland. The four friends formed in 2011, and have been gaining support from music fans and festival goers around the world. From a small start to the world stage in only a few short years Ruaile Buaile are set to become a household name on the festival scene around the world with their own style of high energy ground thumping Celtic beats. With a little Irish charm and flare these four young award-winning musicians are setting the pace for some of the better known established acts to follow.


Quickly gaining recognition as one of Irish music’s new “super-groups”, RUNA has been enchanting audiences by pushing the boundaries of Irish folk music, since their formation in 2008. Interweaving the haunting melodies and exuberant tunes of Ireland and Scotland with the lush harmonies and intoxicating rhythms of bluegrass, flamenco, blues, jazz, they offer a thrilling and redefining take on traditional music.

Socks in the Frying Pan

‘Socks in the Frying Pan’ are a multi-award winning trio from County Clare on the West coast of Ireland, the universal hub of Irish traditional music. Their dynamic vocal harmonies, virtuosic musical ability and their onstage wit has captured and captivated audiences the world around. The youthful trio blend Irish traditional melodies with their own personal flair, which has gained them critical acclaim and accolades including ‘New Band of the Year’ by the Irish Music Association. The group has been embraced in the United States, having been booked by every major Irish festival and praised for their modern traditional style and energetic approach to music. They have a clear love for live performance, which only compliments the traditional essence in their shows and makes for a truly unique form of entertainment. One of the most sought after groups in Irish music today, the worldwide ‘Sock Invasion’ continues!


Turas, which means “trip” or “journey” in Gaelic, plays Irish trad in the heart of Illinois. Playing a wide variety of Irish/Celtic music, Turas never fails to deliver on good music and good times.