Erin Feis Board

By agreement between the St. Patrick Society (the Society) and the Peoria Park District (the District), the Erin Feis BOARD was established 1997 to be responsible for all matters necessary to create, promote, preserve and foster the Peoria Irish Fest (Erin Feis).  This BOARD has the authority to establish committees in order to facilitate the Erin Feis.  The BOARD appoints all committee chairs and has authority over all committees.  The agreement also states, “All cultural or ethnic decisions as to the format, scheme and presentation of the Peoria Irish Feis shall rest exclusively with the SOCIETY”.  Each party to this agreement appoints four (4) individuals to the board.
The current appointments are as follows:
St. Patrick Society — John Martin (co-chair), Dennis Cremeens, Dann Haney & Theresa Hoadley
Peoria Park District — Kelly Cummings, Nick Conrad

You may contact either Co-chair at the following: John Martin — or Nick Conrad at