Erin Feis Committee

Under the direction of the Erin Feis BOARD, the Erin Feis Committee is responsible for creating, promoting and maintaining the annual Erin Feis. The Erin Feis Committee is co-chaired by one person each from the St. Patrick Society (John Martin) and the Peoria Park District (Bill Roeder) who appoint all Sub-Committee Chairpersons.  The Erin Feis Committee consist of all the Sub-Committee chairperson listed below.  Sub-Committees are assigned to one of the six areas of responsible listed below.  These areas allow for coordinating activities between the various Sub-Committees in related activities. Sub-Committee Chairpersons must have their actions approved by the Committee Co-Chairs.  All contracts, agreements or other legal or formal documents must be approved and signed by the Committee Co-Chairs. You may contact either Co-chair at the following: John Martin — or Nick Conrad at

Steering Committee
Responsibilities: Establish yearly festival theme, establish rules and operational procedures, establish committee goals, oversee and coordinate committees activities and develop long term plans and goals.
Chairpersons: John Martin & Nick Conrad
Members: Dann Haney, Jim Haney, Beth Haney, Theresa Hoadley, JoAnn Martin, Cheri Ruskusky and KC Murphy


Nick Conrad (L)
Marketing – John Martin/Nick Conrad
Entertainment – John Martin
Logistics – Jim Haney
Beverage – Dann Haney
Budget – John Martin/Nick Conrad
Legal-Tom McConnaughay


JoAnn Martin and Kara Haney (L)
Merchandise Vendors  –
Exhibitor Vendors – John Martin
Cultural Village –Kate Kenny/Beth Haney
Food Vendors –
CD Sales – Tom Satterfield
Souvenirs – Pat O’Connell


John Martin(L)
North Stage – John Martin
The Snug – Jeff Putman
Performing Arts – Kate Kenny/Beth Haney
O’Neill’s Pub – Fergal O’Shea
Dance Stage – Theresa Hoadley
Children’s Area – Shelly Rapp
Field Events –Nick Conrad
Entertainer TLC – Colleen Kimball
Stage Crew – Jessica Brekke


Cheri Ruskusky (L)
Recruitment – Cheri Ruskusky
Scheduling –Cheri Ruskusky
Retention –Erik Christian

*Guardian Angel – Stacey Tomczyk


Nick Conrad (L)
Setup/Tear Down – Jim Haney
Doors of Dublin/Flags – Jim Haney
Decorations – JoAnn Martin
Cultural Village –Bill O’Neill
Bars – Dann & Kara Haney
Ground Security – Nick Conrad
Sound & Light – Nick Conrad
Contracted Services –Brittany Moldenhauer
Field Coordinator – JoAnn Martin


Eric Hoadley (L)
Print Media – Matt Coker
TV/Radio –
Flyer/Poster –
Promotions – Eric Hoadley/Nick Conrad
Sponsorship- Martin/Conrad
Web Page – Chad Fidler
Admissions – Dennis Cremeens
T-Shirts – John Martin
Social Media/Newsletter – Colleen Kimball