Leprechaun of the Year

2014 Leprechaun of the Year

The first part of this couple showed up in 2002, to help his dad.  He had a bucket truck that he borrowed from work to help put up the Doors of Dublin and the two large flags.  He returned later that day to work as a bartender.   The next year he was working the whole weekend tending bar with his wife.  At the rap up meeting he had all kinds of ideas.  After the meeting John Martin asked him to be the new Beverage Chairperson and asked his wife to help him with the paperwork.  Today they are the Beverage Co-Chair

Things took off from there.  They worked as a team on everything.  He would come up with ideas to improve things, but she would do the paperwork to show us non-believers it could work.  Together they made a lot of improvements to bars at the North Stage and O’Neill’s Pub.  Little things like putting used tickets in a bucket so they could not be reused, having someone watch the bartenders while they work, end drinking on the job, control who gets cup and changes beer barrels and many more things that are standard for us now.

They also saw the necessity of have whiskey and Baileys on the grounds.  They worked hard to develop the Snug and Whiskey Tasting (which now is a major fund raiser).  They have implemented a strong inventory system for all beverages.  They saw the need for another bar by the sports field (Malanaphy’s) which someday may become an Irish Sports Bar.

He is constantly looking for new ways to do things and freely shares this information with all.

She is always checking and counting and knows all the numbers on beer, alcohol, soda, cider, cups … You name it – she knows about it.  They constantly bicker but always work together as a team. They attend Irish workshops and other festivals to learn and have never miss an Erin Feis meeting. They even wear matching kilts on Kilt Sunday.

He is the past president of the St. Patrick Society and current president of the Ancient Order of Hibernians plus chairmen of many committees.  And like our previous Leprechauns of the Year, they both are constantly working on ways to improve and promote Erin Feis.

The 2014 Leprechauns of the Year –Dann and Kara Haney